How to write Google App Engine Hello World Web App using Python

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Google App Engine is google’s cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web application. Its free up to a certain usage levels of CUP cycles, storage and bandwidth. Google App Engine mainly supports three programming languages Go, Java and Python. This tutorial helps you in setting up the development environment and running the “Hello World” app using Python.
Step 1: Setup Development Environment
You need to download and install followings to setup development environment for Windows.

Python 2.5
Google App Engine SDK 1.3.8

Step 2: Run Sample App Locally
Run Google App Engine Launcher and copy guestbook demo using Help > Demos > guestbook

Demo GuestbookDemo application will appear in listing, select the application and click Run to run server. Now click Browse to view application in browser or enter http://localhost:8080/ in browser.

Step 3: Deploy Application on Google App Engine
Log in to Google App Engine using existing Google Account or create new one. Now create new application with available identifier. Now rename the guestbook application to the identifier specified for the application in Google App Engine in app.yaml. You can open app.yaml manually or by clicking Edit after selecting application. Change the first line and add application identifier in place of guestbook. Now click Deploy and provide your Google Account Info to deploy your application Google App Engine.

You can now test it using this url [application_identifier] , replace application_identifier by your own application identifier.

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